Meet the School Staff

Mrs H White


Mrs N Alderman
Learning Support Assistant
"Mrs Alderman is kind and helpful and works with us in class 2"

Mrs J Cole
Administrative Assistant
"Mrs Cole is the administrative assistant in school and ..."

Mrs M Coleman
Lunchtime Supervisor
"Mrs Coleman is a lunchtime supervisor. She is very kind and ..."

Mrs J Dewis
"Mrs Dewis teaches in Class 3. She is really good at sport and ...."

Mrs S Foster
Deputy Headteacher
"Mrs Foster teaches us in Class 2. She is a great teacher and ..."

Mrs L Gill
Learning Support Assistant
"Mrs Gill works with the children in Years 1 and 2 and looks after..."

Miss C Gordan
Learning Support Assistant

Mrs C Gordan
Teaching Assistant
"Mrs Gordan works in Class 3 and helps us to learn. She comes with us ..."

Mrs L Handford

Mrs V Lingley
School Business Manager
"Mrs Lingley is our school business manager. She is always very busy and..."

Mrs Martin

Mrs K Mugridge
"Mrs Mugridge teaches us in Class 3. She is good at playing the piano and..."

Mrs G Page
School Food Cook
"Mrs Page is our fantastic cook and she cooks lovely dinners every day..."

Mrs C Rowsell
Teaching Assistant
"Mrs Rowsell works mainly with Class 2 and 4. She also looks after us..."